Concrete lifting and preservation services provide a cost-effective solution for restoring and maintaining the structural integrity of your property. Trust us to improve safety and enhance the appearance of your concrete surfaces.

Leak Sealing

Polyurethane leak seal injection is a cost-effective solution for fixing leaks in concrete structures. This method of leak repair involves injecting a specially formulated polyurethane material into the affected area to create a seal that prevents water from leaking through.

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Water Repellent

Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization provides an effective, reliable, and long-lasting solution to water-repellant issues on concrete and cement surfaces. With our cutting edge technology, customers can have peace of mind knowing their surfaces are waterproofed with Gernatt's quality protection.

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Concrete Preservation

Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization provides expert concrete preservation services designed to protect your investment from corrosion, cracking, and other structural risks. We use the best products available to ensure a long-lasting and reliable structure over time, giving you peace of mind in your new or existing concrete structure.

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Concrete Lifting

Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization provides lasting, cost-effective solutions for your concrete lifting problems. We provide specialized expertise so that your property remains safe, secure, and stable for years to come. With our proven methods of polyurethane foam injection, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your investment.

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