Polyurethane Concrete Slab Lifting - The Lasting Solution

Introduction to Concrete Slab Lifting:

If you’ve been dealing with sunken concrete slabs on your property, Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization can help. We specialize in the use of polyurethane to lift and repair sunken concrete slabs of any size and shape. Polyurethane is a two-component polymer foam designed to work in wet or dry conditions that uses expansion force and pressure from a specialized pump to generate enough controlled force to lift virtually any structure back into position with 1/8” precision.

Benefits of Using Polyurethane for Concrete Slab Lifting:

Our polyurethane foam is fast, efficient, and easy to clean up. It doesn’t require the demolition or waste associated with traditional methods, making it the most cost-effective choice for concrete slab lifting. Our lift systems are engineered for accessible, efficient operation, which eliminates intrusive, major construction issues. Furthermore, our AP Lift series foams are safe for people, pets, plants, driveways, walkways and more!

How Does the Process Work?

Using our specialist machinery and techniques we excavate around the affected area so that all affected areas can be reached safely and accurately with our patented lifting process. We then apply our two-part foam system which expands between structural components driving them back into place quickly, efficiently and precisely at just 1/8th of an inch accuracy—all done without the need for demolition or wasting time on costly repairs later on!

Cost Savings from Polyurethane Use in Comparison With Other Methods:

Our polyurethane foam technology is designed specifically to restore sunken slabs while also saving you money as replacements take significantly longer than lift jobs – often resulting in expensive post-work repair costs due to uprooting trees or damaging lawns or driveways during excavation.. In comparison with other methods available in the market today - such as Mudjacking - alternatives tend to involve more labor intensive processes and may not offer the same accuracy as ours does at a fraction of the cost! The AP Lift series resin used by Alchemy-Spetec provides unparalleled strength when compared to other reinforcement materials like monolith (concrete block) foundation leveling, steel grouting and rock anchoring among many others.

Safety Measures Involved in Using Polyurethane for Slab Lift:

As part of our commitment towards safety we make sure safety remains paramount during any job and that all our specialists operate within government regulations . All operations are carried out under strict guidelines outlining environmental responsibility with regards to waste management discharge etc., ensuring your family’s health always comes first!

Wrap Up & Final Thoughts: At Gernatt we strive to deliver only exceptional quality services while adhering strictly to government regulations when it comes down to safety standards. Our solution are delivered at a fraction of price you'd expect elsewhere! Reach out today so one of our friendly representatives can get started on helping solve your issues quickly!

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