At Gernatt we understand the importance of preserving and protecting your waterfront property

That's why we offer advanced seawall repair methods that are specifically designed to extend the life of your seawall and enhance the aesthetic value of your property.

Our seawall concrete preservation system modifies the chemical and physical properties of existing concrete, providing cost and time savings, while limiting disturbance to surrounding structures and property.

One of the key elements of our preservation system is our "SW" series of products.


SW-Prevent is a seawall corrosion inhibitor that penetrates concrete and inhibits corrosion of steel inside the wall. This material penetrates as vapor to deposit on steel components such as rebar or mesh inside. Corrosion is prevented by creating an insulating layer on the surface of the steel.

SW-Power is a penetrating material primarily designed to reduce concrete porosity, increase strength and render concrete surfaces resistant to air or water-born chemical damage. SW-Power provides additional protection by supporting ideal pH levels in the concrete to prevent rebar corrosion.

SW-Protect is a seawall surface protector that inhibits water penetration in concrete. Surfaces treated with SW-Protect will repel water, dirt, and grime, helping to keep your concrete clean and free of mold, stains and discoloration.

Our solutions are environmentally safe and intended for use in marine environments, as demonstrated by NAVFAC and US Army Corps of Engineering testing.

NAVFAC endorsement
NAVFAC endorsement
US Army Corps of Engineering Endorsement
US Army Corps of Engineering Endorsement
Choose Gernatt to protect your investment and enhance the aesthetic value of your property. Contact us now at 716-353-2684 to schedule a free estimate.

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