What is Concrete Preservation?

Concrete preservation is the process of protecting and maintaining the integrity of concrete surfaces. It can involve strengthening, repair, cleaning, sealing and waterproofing the surface to prevent cracking, pitting, staining and other damage from occurring to it over time. Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization has years of experience providing quality concrete preservation services for a variety of projects.

How Does Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization Help?

we specialize in restoring concrete structures that have experienced damage due to erosion or lack of maintenance. Our expert technicians use their knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to assess all types of concrete projects, diagnose problems, provide solutions and repair damaged surfaces using high-quality products designed specifically for that task. With Gernatt’s help your project will be done right the first time!

Benefits of Concrete Preservation Services from Gernatt:

Gernatt offers a wide range of concrete preservation services including strengthening and repair work with reliable sealants, cleaners and protectors so you can keep your structure looking as good as new for years to come. Our team strives to provide cost effective solutions that meet our customer's unique needs for their specific project type, while providing long-lasting protection against further weathering or wear-and-tear from traffic or exposure to the elements. Plus, our experts are available to assist you every step of the way so you can be sure that whatever your project requires you’re always getting the highest quality service with Gernatt Seawall & Soil stabilization.

Types Of Concrete Projects Completed by Gernatt:

At Gernatt we specialize in many different types concrete projects such as retaining walls, seawalls, foundations, sidewalks, driveways, patios, stairs, pools, decks, streets, dams, docks, basins, bridge structures, parking lots, warehouses, curbs, playgrounds, boat ramps etc. We have decades of experience working on residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, historical, marine, and railway projects across New York state. So if you're in need of reliable and professional work no matter what type structure whether it be above below or even on water call us today!

Why Choose Us For Your Concrete Needs:

Here at Gernatt we pride ourselves on offering quality craftsmanship while utilizing some of the most advanced technology available today, that's why we guarantee each project is completed with attention to detail and excellence throughout entire process. Give us a Call get a quote.

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