Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization provides water-repellant services for cement and concrete surfaces.

Using hydrophobic sealers from Gernatt you can protect surfaces from the damaging effects of water exposure or enhance their appearance and convenience. Whether its industrial or residential, we have you covered.

Hydrophobic sealers

are liquid solutions that form a protective barrier between the surface and incoming water. These solutions penetrate the concrete or cement quickly and provide a durable waterproof layer that keeps moisture out while also allowing trapped moisture to escape so that it won’t cause further damage. These solutions not only protect against water but are also resistant to UV radiation, mold, mildew, salts, acids, oils, and other chemicals that can cause damage over time.

Choosing Gernatt for your hydrophobic sealing needs carries many advantages:

• Professional Application: Our experienced professionals will apply our solutions in accordance with industry standards to ensure safety.

• Long Lasting Protection: Our processes and materials provide long-lasting protection with minimal maintenance costs associated.

• Easy Cleanup Solution: If a spill does occur on the treated surface, it is easier to clean up compared to untreated concrete or cement surfaces due to its hydrophobic qualities.

• Cost Effective Solution: Not only do we use top-notch materials and guarantee long-lasting results with minimal maintenance but our approach is also cost effective in comparison to traditional solutions such as painting or replacing sections of concrete or cement instead of treating them properly with our professional Hydrophobic solution application process..

By choosing Gernatt Seawall & Soil Stabilization for your Concrete water repellant needs, you're making sure that your project is completed correctly using top quality material, keeping industry standards. With a range of applications available including industrial or residential property, we have what you need!

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