Signs of Seawall failure before it happens

Don't ignore warning signs of soil instability behind your seawall

Take immediate action to prevent costly failure and protect your property. Don't wait until it's too late. Property owners should immediately take action once indications of soil instability behind the seawall become apparent.  In the example above, the cracks in the concrete slab behind the seawall indicate unstable soil.  Unfortunately, this property owner ignored the problem.

Catastrophic property damage after ignoring the signs

Act quickly to repair soil instability behind your seawall to avoid catastrophic property damage.

Don't let a delay in repairs lead to devastating consequences like the collapse of your wall, patio, and home. This devastating event was completely avoidable.  The backfill soil behind the seawall that held the house in place had leaked through into the lake on the other side.  The homeowner decided to delay repair, and three weeks later the wall, patio and back of the house collapsed into the lake.

Introduction to Seawall Repair Services

Seawalls are an essential feature of waterfront properties, providing protection from erosion and flooding. Unfortunately, seawalls can become damaged over time due to harsh weather conditions and other factors. At Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization, our experienced team of experts specialize in repairing seawalls with the latest technologies. We can help you restore your seawall’s strength and integrity so it better protects your property against flooding and wave damage.

Benefits of Seawall Repair

With Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization's repair services, you can enjoy maximum protection for your waterfront property. Our team uses quality materials such as SW-RP6 seawall repair material, which is stronger than crystalline bedrock. In addition, we use proprietary pressure release technology that prevents water pressure from building up behind the seawall. Furthermore, our specialized epoxy repairs seawalls completely, restores stability and integrity to the structure while lasting long-term with minimal maintenance needs.

Types of Seawall Repairs

At Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization, we understand that each customer has different needs when it comes to irreparable damages on their seawalls. That’s why our experienced technicians offer three different types of seawall repairs: cap & panel repairs with high-strength epoxy; advanced permanent anchoring system installations and full structural replacements with reinforced concrete when needed for additional support . Whatever your needs may be, our expertise will provide a solution that fits both your budget and timeline for getting the job done right!

Importance of Professional and Experienced Contractors for Quality Seawall Repairs

When choosing any kind of contractor it is important to select one who has experience in the specific service you are looking for as well as a good reputation in the industry. Gernatt Seawall & Soil Stabilization is a proud member of the Seawall Repair Network (the only national, all-inclusive seawall repair and preservation network). All of our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified in all of SRN's exclusive seawall repair techniques. Trust us at Gernatt Seawall & Soil Stabilization to give you peace of mind knowing that you have chosen an experienced and reliable repair service provider that puts quality and safety first!

Certified in SRN's proprietary SW-RP6 repair material, pressure release technology, and epoxy cap and panel repair. Our permanent anchoring systems provide added structural support to restore stability and integrity to your seawall. Protect your property with a cost effective and long lasting solution.
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