Soil stabilization is an important process that helps stabilize the foundation of a structure and prevent potential damages due to erosion, settlement, and voids. Unstable soil can be especially destructive for infrastructure such as seawalls, docks, and roads, leading to costly repairs or even replacement of these structures in some cases.

The problems associated with unstable soil

are many; from increased water migration which can lead to flooding and coastal erosion, to settling or shifting ground beneath the infrastructure that can cause damaging instability over time. It is essential to ensure soil stability around any structure in order for it to remain safe and sound for years to come.

Thankfully, Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization offers a solution – using a unique polyurethane resin infusion process experts are able to permeate soils around infrastructure sites with a powerful AP series of resins that dramatically increase bearing capacity without having to excavate the area.

Through this innovative technique any voids present in the soil can be filled while also providing a cushion-like effect beneath the surface which strengthens its overall stability. What’s more, this technique also increases the resilience of these structures by allowing them to withstand additional loads without increasing vulnerability.

As an added bonus, this powerfully effective process also makes it possible for certain structures such as seawalls that have already begun sinking into mudslides or weak sedimentary soils due to their increased weight load that have subsided over time - can be re-lifted through the use of this stabilization method by improving its structural integrity once again.

In conclusion, Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization are experienced professionals who offer advanced yet cost-effective solutions for soil stabilization through their specialized Polyurethane solutions that can help increase overall structural integrity. When used appropriately onsite bolstered by their decades of experience in completing successful projects with clients from all sorts of industries across different markets.

By utilizing Gernatt Seawall and Soil Stabilization's expertise you’re ensuring your infrastructures will remain safe and sound while at the same time avoiding costly repairs down the line that could set you back significantly due to weakened soils.
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